Ida Börjel

Ida Börjel is a poet and translator. She currently lives in Sweden. In her award-winning books of poetry, including Skåneradio (Radio Scania; OEI, 2011), Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik (The Consumers Purchase Act: Juridical Lyricisms; OEI, 2011), and Ma (Albert Bonnier, 2018), she enquires into and depicts societal conditions in relation to various forms of authoritarian language use. Miximum Ca’ Canny: The Sabotage Manuals was published by Commune Editions 2016, translated by Jennifer Hayashida. Börjel’s latest book, Arvodet: Marginalintäkten (The Fee: The Marginal Revenue; Anti, 2020) pins down Economish and the mindset that conditions our very lives. Börjel’s work has been translated into over twenty languages.

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