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Summer 2024

The Summer 2024 Issue, guest-edited by Rebecca Makkai, features prose by Dur e Aziz Amna, Ramona Ausubel, Peter Mountford, Khaddafina Mbabazi, DK Nnuro, and more.


  • White Like Me

    Writing for me had always been a release. But every time I tried to write about my experiences as a Black man, the same thing…

  • The Parasitism of Memory in Burnt Sugar

    Avni Doshi’s Booker shortlisted 2019 novel wonders if, since our minds can distort our memories into unrecognizable things and still have us believe them as…

  • Decoding the Silences in Corregidora

    Gayl Jones’s 1975 book positions language as an apparatus of control and power, a weapon used to continue cycles of oppression. It contends that silence—both…

  • Betrayal in Rainbow Rainbow

    In their debut short story collection, Lydia Conklin examines what it’s like to inhabit a body and/or sexuality that is inherently uncomfortable—not because of one’s…

  • Language and Trauma in On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

    Little Dog, the narrator of Ocean Vuong’s debut novel, learns to be strategic in his use of language as a means of self-preservation.

An illustration of a Black girl leaning against a window, with a blue textbox that says, "Summer 2024 / Prose Edited by Rebecca Makkai"


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