“1984” As Told Through Internet GIFs

Everyday in Airstrip One (the country formerly known as England), Winston Smith goes to work.

At work there is a girl named Julia.

Winston gets pretty nervous around her because he’s convinced she’s part of the Thought Police.

Then there’s  O’Brien, an Inner Party member that Winston’s convinced is working to overthrow The Party.

At work, when he’s not thinking about Julia and O’Brien, Winston alters historical records to match Party propaganda.

Then, back at home, he goes through his telescreen-directed Physical Jerks.

But he gets distracted, and like anyone in Oceania spacing out to question the system, he gets yelled at by his TV.

Plus, his neighbor’s kids are Junior Spies.

Which is bad news for Winston. Because Winston has a diary. Winston is not supposed to have a diary.

Finally, Winston admits to himself that he is unhappy.

As a result, he spends a lot of time wandering the proletariat district questioning his conditioned beliefs.

 For example, he’s pretty sure he remembers Oceania being at war with Eurasia, not Eastasia like the Party says.

But Winston knows his mind is warped by Doublethink, so he’s afraid to trust his own memory.

Basically Winston feels

To make matters worse, Winston becomes convinced that Julia is spying on him.

Then, at work one day, Julia slips Winston a note.

After some rebellious, woodsy love-making they rent an apartment in the prole district.

The more time he spends with Julia, the more Winston grows to hate the Party.

 O’Brien [finally] initiates Winston and Julia into the Brotherhood.

Later, back in the apartment: surprise telescreen! Your landlord is with the Thought Police.

Double surprise! O’Brien’s a Party spy.

The lovebirds are split up and taken to the Ministry of Love.

Bad things happen to Winston there.

Like brainwashing.

And torture.

To his credit, he does resist Big Brother for awhile.

But after a few weeks:

Winston starts to think that maybe 2+2 does equal 5.

But Winston still hates Big Brother.

So O’Brien drags him off to Room 101 to face his worst fear.

And at last, O’Brien is victorious.

Winston gives up Julia.

“He had won victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

 So, dear citizens, remember: Big Brother is watching you.