Lit GIFs: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

This is Arthur Dent: Human Resident, Planet Earth.

One morning, contractors show up to plow his house over for a bypass. This is when his best friend, Ford Prefect, shows up and starts talking about The End of the World.

They head to a bar (where else?) to talk Apocalypse with the locals.

The Vogons show up to destroy Earth. (Humans aren’t the only ones building a new bypass.)

Ford and Arthur manage to sneak onto the Vogon ship. They are caught and forced to listen to Vogon poetry, the worst poetry in the galaxy, by way of punishment.

They are then shot into space, where they are rescued by Zaphod’s ship. Zaphod is President of the galaxy, and is also Ford’s cousin.

In his company are a depressed robot named Marvin…

…and a woman named Trillian. Arthur recognizes her as a woman he once tried, and failed, to talk to at a party.

Arthur is, of course, distraught over the loss of his planet.

So the five new friends go searching for Magrathea, a planet that makes other luxury planets.

On their journey, they meet a computer named Deep Thought who says that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

Then another Earth gets built and Trillian offers to buy Arthur’s brain because the question to Deep Thought’s answer is in there. He declines.

They fight and Zaphod swoops in to the rescue right before Arthur’s brain is removed.

But really, there are two lessons learned here:

1) Don’t panic.


2) Don’t forget your towel.

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