Lit GIFs: The Hobbit

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

Until thirteen unwelcome dwarves and a wizard came and took him away on an equally unwelcome adventure.

First they were captured by trolls.

Then they stopped over in Rivendell.

Then, in the caverns, the dwarves got captured by goblins and Bilbo got left behind.

For his part, Bilbo got sucked into an intense game of riddle-me-this and snuck away with a magic ring.

Then there were the spiders that almost ate the dwarves in the forest.

And getting captured and imprisoned by the woods elves.

Which is where Bilbo came to the rescue by stuffing them all in barrels and floating them down the river.

After pausing at Lake Town, Bilbo snuck into the mountain and stole treasure from Smaug the dragon.

Angry Smaug:

The effects of Smaug on Lake Town:

Thorin, the king dwarf, refused to compensate the town for its damages. 

The humans and wood elves laid siege to the mountain.

But luckily, Gandalf’s always got Bilbo’s back:

Then the goblins showed up and everyone realized that fighting with each other was silly.

After winning the battle, Bilbo went home to his hobbit hole.

And it didn’t even matter to him that all the other hobbits thought he was weird.


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