Quick-Eyed Love by Susan Garrett

Issue #99
Spring 2006

Ann Beattie recommends
Quick-Eyed Love, a memoir by Susan Garrett: “Garrett’s remarkable
Quick-Eyed Love is the story of her mother, a photographer of children from Main Line Philadelphia who was not so lucky and not so famous as her acquaintance Mr. Steiglitz or the unstoppable Margaret Bourke-White. Implying questions about how a woman alone can best function, what constitutes ambition, and what things we can best do with our gifts, this book is beautifully written and very informative about photography. The author’s narrative is as evocative as the finest photographs: it depends on detail, hints at dark tones and light, and always comes at the reader through the senses. This isn’t fiction: it’s a history of a time, a history of heartache, and a survival story.” (SMU)