Summer 2022


Guest Editor


The Summer 2022 Issue of Ploughshares, guest-edited by Jamel Brinkley, features original prose by Rav Grewal-Kök, Arinze Ifeakandu, Gothataone Moeng, Lauren Morrow, and others. “As I undertook the pleasurable task of reaching out to writers whose work I love for this issue, I realized I wanted voices that were both skillful and troubling,” Brinkley writes in his introduction. “I ultimately allowed myself to be guided by my ear. I ended up with a clutch of work that, to my ear, sang with what Lorca calls ‘a scorched throat,’ forms of eloquence that lean into trouble instead of away from it.”

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July 13, 2022



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Summer 2022 Vol. 48.2

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Digital, Print