Lit GIFs: Romeo and Juliet

Cover of Romeo and Juliet with a pink and purple watercolor gradient background

The Montagues and the Capulets don’t like each other very much.

Gif of a girl shoving another girl over

Romeo and his cousin crash a Capulet party anyway, looking for girls.

Gif of Michael Cera winking

Romeo’s on the rebound when he meets Juliet.

Gif of a puppet talking in a man's face with caption "Excuse me, what is personal space?"

The party was supposed to give 14-year-old Juliet the chance to check out her potential husband-to-be, Paris.

Gif of Gollum with the caption "What is it?"

Romeo and his cousin get kicked out, but Romeo hangs out under Juliet’s window for awhile. She says some stuff about roses.

Black and white gif of three men barging into a room with the caption "I regret nothing"

They get secret-married the next day thanks to Romeo’s Friar Friend.

Gif of a man throwing his hands to the side with the caption "World's biggest mistake"

The Friar figures that if the kids get married, maybe their families will stop fighting.

On the same day, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, challenges Romeo to a duel. He’s still mad about Romeo sneaking into the Capulet party.

Gif of Bart Simpson shoving a boy over who is trying to hug him

Romeo doesn’t want to fight.

Gif of a woman exclaiming "You're a buzzkill"

His buddy Mercutio does, though.

Gif of a man by a traffic light talking into a microphone, saying "Smash" multiple times

Tybalt stabs Mercutio, so Romeo gets angry and kills him.

Gif of two men on a couch saying "This is my new favorite show"

Romeo is banished from Verona, but he still manages to spend his wedding night with Juliet.

Gif of Kermit the Frog drinking tea with the caption "But that's none of my business"

At first Juliet’s upset about Romeo killing her cousin.

Gif of Zorro hanging on the side of a rock with the caption "That does put a damper on our relationship"

But then she decides to stand by her husband’s decision.

Gif of a woman driving a car turning her son's head forward with the caption "Never look back! Never!"

Romeo leaves the next morning and Juliet learns of her father’s plan to marry her off to Paris. He doesn’t know she’s already married to Romeo.

Gif of a pink and white cake that says "your life is a lie" written in icing

Juliet and the Friar hatch a fake-death plan to reunite her with Romeo the night before her marriage to Paris.

Gif of Jack Sparrow in an overturned boat with the caption "This is either madness or brilliance"

But when she gets home she finds out her wedding has been moved up to the following day.

Gif of a man looking shocked at a piece of paper

She drinks the fake-death potion that night. The Capulets grieve and stick her in a tomb.

Gif of a woman clapping with the caption "Damn, girl"

The Friar’s fake-death plan never gets to Romeo, so all Romeo hears is that Juliet’s dead.

Gif of a man who looks like he is in distress

He goes to her tomb and kills himself.

Gif of a woman hanging up the phone with the caption "idiot"

When Juliet wakes up, she finds Romeo next to her, dead. She stabs herself and dies for real this time.

Gif of a man explaining that "Drama plus drama equals more drama. Don't do that."

The Capulets and Montagues see their dead kids and decide, hey, maybe it’s better if we all try to get along.

Gif of a table of explosives blowing up and then a white flag being waved